Maya Massage Fertility Protocols

Fertility Protocols

134 expecting mothers and 374 babies born to women who have undergone Logan Fertility Method™. (numbers correct on February 5, 2015)  

Ruthellen has devised various different protocols that have lead to the success of the clinic. Now with 154 babies in just 5 years, our protocols have contributed to a " baby boom". 

During all consultations, Ruth Ellen teaches self care massage to all clients to help maintain the re-alignment results at home and to help restore emotional and physical connection. 

Here are all the various protocols that we have. The Logan Abdominal Massage Method is the key preparation treatment for the majority of protocols.   Ruth Ellen uses Bio Enegeretics, Accupressure, CBT, NLP, Reflexology, Indian Head, Sports Massage and Reiki. Ruth Ellen would believe that Accupressure and Bio Enegertics ( the backbone to her autoimmune protocol and recurrent miscarriage ) is vital during any assisted conception programme 


  1. Endometriosis treatment 
  2. IVF for unexplained infertility
  3. IVF for adhesions/ reacurrent Ectopic 
  4. IVF with Endrometrosis 
  5. IVF with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 
  6. ICSI with no female abnormalities 
  7. ICSI combined with female abnormalities  
  8. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 
  9. Recurrent miscarriage 
  10. Autoimmune IVF
  11. Autoimmune ICSI 
  12. IVF/ICSI with history of miscarriage 
  13. Natural IVF 
  14. Bowel disorders 
  15. Natural conception with no known disorders
  16. Emotional issues 
  17. Menopausal issues 
  18. Prolapses 
  19. Maya for Hysterectomy 
  20. Sexual problems 
  21. Maya for men 
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